When you’re acting out of ___ switch to __.

Resentment Forgiveness
Selfishness Charity
Fear Faith
People-pleasing Integrity – Authenticity – Faith
Avoidance Courage
Validation Acceptance
People-reliance Spiritual-reliance/Faith
Impatience Patience
Pride Humility
Jealousy Trust
Envy Contentment
Insincerity Authenticity
Laziness Action
Intolerance Tolerance
Perfectionism Acceptance
Hopelessness Hope
Criticism Encouragement
Rudeness Courteousness
Pessimism Optimism
Bitterness Compassion
Indifference Love
Revenge/Vengefulness Forgivness
Gluttony/Excess Moderation/Balance
Greed Generosity
Disrespect Respect/Honor
Conceit Modesty
Inadequacy Capability
Withdrawn/Submission Assertiveness
Aggression/Domineering Patience/Cooperation
Unappreciation Gratitude
Begrudging Helpful, Obliging
Procrastination Promptness
Inconsistentcy Consistentcy
Gossiping Discreetness – Respectful 
Criticism/Faultfinding Look for the good
Manipulation Honor
Self-condemnation/Self-pity Self-acceptance
Confrontation Courage/Honesty/Faith

I’m still here…

Wow, it’s been a while. But I’m still here. I just remembered my login, thankfully, as I’ve moved, swapped email addresses, lost account info, killed a phone or two, and have worked at 3 very different jobs in the past two years.

I’ve moved to West Texas, I no longer have my beautiful 1940s original kitchen, but I’ve designed a kitchen (still renovating) that I like very much.  Please await a home tour coming soon.

Much love,


Embroidered Peasant Blouse

I wanted to make a simple garment inspired by the lovely peasant blouses worn in Mexico. My blouse is embroidered with animals and plants that hold meaning to me, such as wild burros and Inca doves (which are so cute the way they root around on the ground in pairs). Prickly pear cactus and colorful borders will round out the handiwork of this blouse – if I can figure out the shape of the sleeves and armhole gusset, and actually assemble a wearable garment!

Regardless, I’m enjoying learning some embroidery stitches (such as back stitch, straight stitches and French knots) in the process. You can see some improvement in stitch uniformity from the first burro I stitched, on the right,  to the one on the left.


Domain Squatting, a.k.a., Cyber Squatting

I’ve always referred to this phenomenon as “domain squatting” but I think now it’s more commonly called “cybersquatting.”

Anyway, I am considering registering my own domain to ditch the .wordpress from my URL. I immediately looked at craftlog.com and saw that it was unavailable, but, I could purchase the domain! After all, neither craftlog.net nor craftlog.me is as appealing. I’m not crazy about nanscraftlog.com, but it was available last I’d checked.

And So I offered $25.00 for craftlog.com to whoever owns that site, via domainnamesales.com.

Jessica, a representative from domainnamesales.com (apparently a brokerage agency or clearinghouse for domain squatters) replied to my offer, informing me that her “client’s” expectations were $13,000.00.

A follow-up email from Jessica suggested that I up my bid for this domain. I upped the ante to $100.00.

The next email from Jessica went like this:


The seller and I just spoke. There is no way we can make a deal.

We are very far apart (A lot of money).

I thought about it, and you should really consider registering another website name at our partner registrar Uniregistry.com.

These are only ten dollars, but will grow in value like this one.

Perhaps we can all make some easy money from domain squatting, but one might need to be a visionary or a futurist to know what will be hot in a year or two, and worth that $13,000 or more.

Take a look here to find out the biggest domain name sales to date; the largest, insurance.com, sold for $35.6 million in 2010.

Misgivings on Misspellings and Rules of Grammar

Writing is hard, and I know I stink at it. A published author I know mentioned that the secret to becoming a good writer is to constantly be reading, and I know I don’t read enough. I am a reader of headlines and short blog posts. I try to read articles from The Atlantic but they are just too long. I’ve tried to read Infinite Jest but, damn, that is way too long for me. Every morning I scroll my way through the Huffington Post and Slate, as well as Business Insider, but I generally stick to the lifestyle articles. Am I just superficial?

It will suffice to say that perhaps I am too impatient to read, or maybe I am too egotistical? At the most forgiving level, maybe I have attention deficit disorder.

Some time ago, I set an impossible rule for myself to always maintain the best punctuation, spelling and grammar that I can. The fact is, however, that my phone automatically inserts periods and capitalizations when I text–and that alone means I fail at this impossible perfectionistic goal.

And therefore it isn’t fair for me to harbor irritation with commenters, bloggers, writers, forum posters and others online.

I intended to make this blog post about the most irritating misspellings I came across today, but now I don’t see the point. Other than to puff up my ego.

As Master Hua Ching Ni (OmNi!) mentions in Entering the Tao, today I will practice blurry vision. Blurry vision enables me to redirect my focus away from what irritates me about others without bolstering my ego by offering forgiveness to them.

Edited to add: my husband read this and argued that yes, writers read, but also writers write. So I’ll keep the focus on writing for a while.

High-Fat High-Protein Vegan Green Smoothie

I drink smoothies nearly everyday, especially since my gastrointestinal drama of 2013. I’m planning to write a thorough update on that drama and how it changed my life, but for now, I’ll just say that I have a hard time keeping weight on, and I don’t eat many carbs these days. Therefore, I’m always trying to supplement with extra fats and proteins. And it never hurts to add greens when you can.

That said, I wanted to share my standard first breakfast, a tasty, but not so sweet, green smoothie. It’s earthy and grounding with a decent amount of protein and fat.  Frozen banana gives it just enough sweetness to counteract the spinach. I sometimes put 1/2 cilantro 1/2 spinach, but that’s an acquired taste.

Note that you could add some honey and vanilla extract (a 1/4 tsp of that) to sweeten this up further.

Green Smoothie

Add about 1 cup baby spinach to your magic bullet. pour in water to fill container about 1/2.. enough to pulverize the spinach.


Create a spinach “slurry” first.

photo 2

Dont’ forget ear protection — that thing is LOUD.

photo 1

Slurry created, go back and add:

  • 3 tbs hempseed;
  • 1 tbs sunflower seed butter;
  • 1 frozen banana (I peel and cut into segments before freezing, 6-7 segments is 1 banana;
  • 1 tbs flax seed oil;
  • 1/4 large or 1/2 small avocado.

photo 5


photo 4

Et voilà. Your smoothie.

photo (3)

Here’s the nutritional breakdown: 36 grams of fat!! 17 grams of protein!! That’s a lot of protein for a vegan whole food smoothie. And no processed protein powder. I hope you like this recipe.


Lessons Learned in New Mexico Upon Turning 40

1. Trust my gut:  if something doesn’t feel right, if I have serious reservations, if it all seems too difficult, retreat. Set boundaries and keep them. Realize that I don’t have to do everything, or be everywhere. People are convoluted, my higher power is simple.

2. Do not compromise my happiness unless it is for someone I really love, and the situation is indeed dire. Truly.

3. Schedule in alone time, often.

4. Don’t be held hostage by people I don’t know — don’t put myself in a position where they can control my fate.

5. Be helpful, not snarky.

6. Stop and THINK before I speak. THINK how the other person hears it.  Is it: Thoughtful, Honest, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind.

7. Know that I am not responsible for others’: comfort, happiness, self-actualization, successes. Nor am I responsible for others’: unhappiness, discomfort, sense of self, failures or personal belongings.

8. Take time off from New Mexico periodically.

9. Pray, work Step 2. Believe that my higher power can restore me to sanity (sanity = health).

10. Communicate!  Do not be passive-aggressive, and do not expect the worst.

11. Don’t break rules that I worked hard to establish and have experience with via trial and error. For example: do not drive for longer than 6 hours. Do not drive at night.

12. Work on my self-esteem. I know what I am doing, my higher power guides me to know. I trust in and use my relationship with my higher power to feel comfortable enough to set my boundaries and not succumb to peer pressure, “tyranny of the masses.” Trust in my inner wisdom and rise above. Make a decision and stick to it.

13. Creep…avoid creep (“scope creep”) if not getting paid. When getting paid, get paid more. Invoke a creep tax.

14. Material possessions have no meaning.