Hello. I am Nan and like many of us, I love to make things.  I also have a BFA in Sculpture which has never, ever, proven to be a lucrative field of educational training for me.  But that is beside the point.

Over the course of my 34 years I have developed skills (note: not mastered skills, nor necessarily maintained skills) in the following arts and crafts:

  • Painting and Drawing
  • Silver/Copper/Brass Jewelry Making (thanks, Dad)
  • Stained Glass (thanks, Mom)
  • Bronze Casting
  • Clay Sculpture
  • Welded Sculpture
  • Crocheting (thanks, Grandma)
  • Wood Sculpture and Carving
  • Plaster Casting and Mold-making
  • Knitting (thanks, CG)

I would like now to embark upon Rug Hooking.


2 responses to “Introduction

  1. Nano – love the first entry and Mom will be excited for the shout out – I’ll show it to her

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