Citizen Copycat

Thanks to this video from sewing guru and Vogue designer Sandra Betzina, I was able to create a pattern from my size 27, Citizens of Humanity “Hutton” Jeans, which retail (depending on wash) from $154-208 USD at Nordies.

FYI I got my pair of Citizens used on eBay for about 25 bucks. But I wanted another pair… so, I created a copy of them using the aforementioned crayon-rubbing technique from Ms. Betzina, and then created a muslin from that.

Here’s my muslin alongside the RTW Jean.

I won’t show you a pic of me wearing the muslin, it was a bit snug. But, because that fabric has very little give, I went ahead and made the jeans the same size since my denim was 98% cotton, 2% elastane (spandex).

The most fun, yet most challenging part, was designing my back pocket. I came up with many versions, but went with something simple and let the decorative stitching on my machine do the work.


Here’s the end result. Next time I won’t forget to interface the fly, which is a bit wonky. Also, I might cut the waistband with a curve to eliminate gapping in the back.  They’re a little roomy (le sigh) but I like them for about 15.00 in materials.


6 responses to “Citizen Copycat

  1. fantastic Nan!

  2. Thanks Jen!

  3. Great job…..They look really good on you and you can’t go wrong for $15.00! Maybe they will shrink some more when you wash them.

    • thanks Kathy!! I’m nervous about killing the spandex in the drier, though, so I probably won’t try to “shrink” them like we used to do back in the 1980s

  4. Wow! Seamstress extrodinaire!Great job, Nan! Where’s my shirt??????????

    • ummm shirt is coming! I’ll post it later today. the torso is longer than you would like I’m afraid but the fabric is super pretty. xoxo

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