Citizen Copycat

Thanks to this video from sewing guru and Vogue designer Sandra Betzina, I was able to create a pattern from my size 27, Citizens of Humanity “Hutton” Jeans, which retail (depending on wash) from $154-208 USD at Nordies.

FYI I got my pair of Citizens used on eBay for about 25 bucks. But I wanted another pair… so, I created a copy of them using the aforementioned crayon-rubbing technique from Ms. Betzina, and then created a muslin from that.

Here’s my muslin alongside the RTW Jean.

I won’t show you a pic of me wearing the muslin, it was a bit snug. But, because that fabric has very little give, I went ahead and made the jeans the same size since my denim was 98% cotton, 2% elastane (spandex).

The most fun, yet most challenging part, was designing my back pocket. I came up with many versions, but went with something simple and let the decorative stitching on my machine do the work.


Here’s the end result. Next time I won’t forget to interface the fly, which is a bit wonky. Also, I might cut the waistband with a curve to eliminate gapping in the back.  They’re a little roomy (le sigh) but I like them for about 15.00 in materials.


6 thoughts on “Citizen Copycat

  1. Great job…..They look really good on you and you can’t go wrong for $15.00! Maybe they will shrink some more when you wash them.

    1. thanks Kathy!! I’m nervous about killing the spandex in the drier, though, so I probably won’t try to “shrink” them like we used to do back in the 1980s

    1. ummm shirt is coming! I’ll post it later today. the torso is longer than you would like I’m afraid but the fabric is super pretty. xoxo

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