Flour Tortilla Tutorial

I saw Rick Bayless make flour tortillas on PBS the other day, and they really looked good.  Not that the ones from HEB aren’t delicious — especially the whole wheat ones — I just didn’t want to go to HEB today!   So with craving in mind I used Rick’s recipe, substituting butter for lard and adding a tad more salt.

On the show he used a Cuisinart.  And I bring this up since the online recipe doesn’t call for one.  And it’s the perfect opportunity to pull out your pastry cutter!

12 Flour Tortilla Recipe Adapted for Butter
2 3/4 c of flour
5 tbs room temperature butter
3/4 c very warm water
1 tsp salt

Pastry Cutter
Cast Iron Skillet
Rolling Pin
Saran Wrap
Parchment (optional but I found it helpful)

Using a pastry cutter, incorporate the 5 tbs butter into your flour until your end product reveals a very fine crumble. Takes about 3 minutes.







Dissolve the salt in the 3/4 c of warm tap water.






I was too messy to take a picture of this part, but,

Drizzle most of the salty water to your bowl, mixing the flour crumbles and water together with a fork. Takes a minute or so to incorporate, and it’s not very easy to mix. (Thus the Cuisinart).  If it’s not all damp, add the rest of the water.

Turn it out on a board and knead until it is uniformly smooth.

The dough should be damp but slightly firm. Create 12 equal portions, and roll each into a little ball of dough.






Cover your little doughlets with saran wrap and let sit for 30 minutes to relax the gluten which will help you to roll it out without it snapping back to a tiny shape.







When you’re ready,  get that dry cast iron skillet nice and hot and maintain it on med-high heat.


I used a little flour on the board, and patted the ball out to a small circle. Then with a very lightly floured pin, I rolled the most circular form I could manage to about a 7″ diameter.   I also tried rolling between 2 pieces of parchment, then finally I rolled it on one piece of parchment which seemed to make the tortilla stay in that shape and transport over to the pan a little easier.

JJ cooked them up for me on the skillet as I rolled them out. It only takes about 40 seconds per side but he recommends flipping twice for some reason.  He is the chief tortilla handler ordinarily, so I just go with what he says.


2 thoughts on “Flour Tortilla Tutorial

  1. so delicious looking. i started to fantasize about making them at the campsite, but then i remembered that we are going to cut back on gourmet meals while camping. hot dogs, here we come!

  2. Hi jen! that’s so funny, I had the same thought about making them while camping! I’m going to make a whole wheat version soon hopefully in time for the roofdeck bbq!

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