Misgivings on Misspellings and Rules of Grammar

Writing is hard, and I know I stink at it. A published author I know mentioned that the secret to becoming a good writer is to constantly be reading, and I know I don’t read enough. I am a reader of headlines and short blog posts. I try to read articles from The Atlantic but they are just too long. I’ve tried to read Infinite Jest but, damn, that is way too long for me. Every morning I scroll my way through the Huffington Post and Slate, as well as Business Insider, but I generally stick to the lifestyle articles. Am I just superficial?

It will suffice to say that perhaps I am too impatient to read, or maybe I am too egotistical? At the most forgiving level, maybe I have attention deficit disorder.

Some time ago, I set an impossible rule for myself to always maintain the best punctuation, spelling and grammar that I can. The fact is, however, that my phone automatically inserts periods and capitalizations when I text–and that alone means I fail at this impossible perfectionistic goal.

And therefore it isn’t fair for me to harbor irritation with commenters, bloggers, writers, forum posters and others online.

I intended to make this blog post about the most irritating misspellings I came across today, but now I don’t see the point. Other than to puff up my ego.

As Master Hua Ching Ni (OmNi!) mentions in Entering the Tao, today I will practice blurry vision. Blurry vision enables me to redirect my focus away from what irritates me about others without bolstering my ego by offering forgiveness to them.

Edited to add: my husband read this and argued that yes, writers read, but also writers write. So I’ll keep the focus on writing for a while.


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